Previous Winners

  • C-Capture-logo-Final


    C-Capture Ltd was named the Shell Springboard national winner 2016 for its clean energy technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from different industrial gas streams.

  • upside

    Upside Energy

    Upside Energy was named the Shell Springboard national winner 2017 for its technology which has created a Virtual Energy Store that can be sold to the grid to help balance supply and demand.

  • GravityLight-logo


    Deciwatt was named the 2015 national winner of Shell Springboard for its low-carbon innovation, GravityLight.

  • Ventive logo


    Ventive has developed a passive heat recovery unit for domestic buildings that mimics nature to ventilate homes without the need for electrical connections or heaters – reducing heat loss by 97%.

  • PrevWinner9-Shiply-300x300


    Shiply is a dynamic service that matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway – an innovation that has now gone global, saving around 25 million kilograms of CO2 since its launch.

  • PrevWinner8-Cella-300x300

    Cella Energy

    Cella Energy is a UK start-up with global ambitions, using its unique hydrogen storage and power technology to broker multimillion pound deals with Space Florida and expand into the American market.

  • PrevWinner7-SelectInnovations-300x300

    Select Innovations

    Select Innovation’s EnLight product is helping city councils keep the streetlights on by reducing the cost and carbon intensity of urban lighting systems.

  • PrevWinner6-CelticRenewables-300x300

    Celtic Renewables

    Celtic Renewables is commercialising next generation biofuels using the by-products of biological industries – such as converting whiskey distillates into vehicle fuel.

  • PrevWinner5-KiwiPower-300x300

    KiWi Power

    KiWi Power uses sophisticated demand response technology to reduce the strain on the National Grid, by remotely turning off non-critical systems in major facilities at hours of peak demand – saving both money and carbon.

  • PrevWinner4-Antaco-300x300


    Antaco is pioneering a method of converting biodegradable organic waste into highly efficient, carbon-neutral ‘bio-coal’ – with ambitions of replacing traditional, carbon-intensive coal in existing power plants.